Mosaic provides supports to more than 3,500 people in 41 agencies located in 14 states. Mosaic supports are tailored to the individual's needs and desires. Services include:

Fair Housing

FHEO stand for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. It means to create equal housing opportunities for all people living in the United States by following laws that prohibit discrimination in housing on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability and familial status. Mosaic has agreed to comply with all of these laws  in the practice of leasing and the renting of units.

Learn more about the Mosaic affordable and accessible fair housing program.

Research through The Mosaic Collaborative

In August of 2007, Mosaic established the Mosaic Collaborative for Disabilities Public Policy and Practice. Its vision is to help promote full and equitable inclusion and integration of people with disabilities and their families in their communities. The word "Collaborative" rather than "Center" was chosen to highlight the cooperative nature of our work since it is only through local, national, and global partnerships that our goals can be achieved.

Learn about the Collaborative and its services.

International Outreach

Mosaic began international outreach in Latvia in 1994. Our work is now conducted through an international alliance called IMPACT.

Learn about Mosaic's international outreach and how you can participate.